About Me

hello! i am infernus, and this is my website where i like to randomly rant about things no one cares about. i love to info dump, so this will be my main spot to talk about various things i enjoy! feel free to check out the posts section, where i'll be randomly blogging about stuff i think about. soon, there will be other tabs here as well, such as sections for information about different topics i enjoy!

i am a random 16 (probably 17 by the time this gets updated) year old from the US, interested in things such as OPSEC/cybersecurity, retro & modern gaming, coding, as well as a multitude of other random obscure things. i prefer they/them pronouns (although i don't really care what you call me at this point), and i am kind of a furry (ew to both of those, am i right?) if you decide i'm not a disgrace to society, feel free to contact me and we can be friends or something :)

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